Our Dinner Seminars are anything but traditional.

Quality, Interaction, and Education

Our approach to the traditional dinner seminar is anything but traditional. At Vimvest Advisors, we believe in a community outreach that provides a high quality, interactive, and educational experience. It's not the time for selling – it's the time to inform. What we do is take the time to show our guests where dangerous mistakes can easily be made, and how to avoid them.

This enables us to offer a full-service solution to our clients.

We begin by welcoming our qualified guests with an introduction to our extensive, and growing, professional team. Included are a full time CPA and Estate Planning Attorney, amongst multiple others of equal financial and technical benefit. This enables us to offer a full-service solution to our clients.

While we don't sell products, we do take our time to introduce and educate our guests on our unique process. That process includes uncovering specific and critical facts about your financial future – unknowable financial burdens, and things falling through cracks most investors aren't even aware of. Once these facts are uncovered, we then take the time to present a sound solution that can be implemented through our mindful administrative professionals. 

We always close our events with a True / False questionnaire that ends with the question, “Did we teach you at least two new facts or strategies tonight?” No one has answered NO yet.

We take our time to find the critical facts FIRST.

Vimvest Advisors' offer is of course very simple: a discovery meeting with a principle of the firm. This is a very casual meeting. We simply sit down for 30-60 minutes to learn about you and your financial goals. We take our time to find the critical facts FIRST. No products will be suggested or sold unless we feel It applies to your needs and goals.

Our main goal with each dinner event is to both provide a wonderful dining experience while helping guests put on their “thinking caps”. We want our guests to feel they learned something, and enjoyed themselves at the same time. A fabulous 5-star meal is provided, at our expense, which makes for a very enjoyable close to the evening.

We earn a large portion of our new clients from our fun, upbeat, educational events. The process and experience offered is one of a kind.

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