A Brief Overview of Vimvest Advisors

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Vimvest Advisors provides traditional wealth management services to higher net worth individuals. This comes with a focus on relationship, education, transparency, and white-glove service.

"...nine out of 10 of them become our clients."

Clients can often see the difference in Vimvest Advisors’ approach from the initial meeting, according to Stuart Dickson, Senior VP/Advisor, who is a licensed Registered Representative and Certified Fund Specialist. “Before we make any investment recommendations, we take them through a procedure that determines the critical facts of their current investment structure, risk tolerance and goals,” Dickson said. “Once prospective clients experience this, nine out of 10 of them become our clients.”

Since this process was implemented two years ago, the company’s growth rate has been 82 percent annually. “Once those critical factors are identified, all investments are determined by their time horizon and risk tolerance,” he said. “We make sure no money is falling through the cracks and build a customized portfolio that will meet their goals and limit any downside on income.”

The company has plans that are separated into three categories depending on clients’ time horizons. Plans for growth build on proven economic research that allow for growth while minimizing risk. Plans for protection help insulate savings from the vagaries of the stock market to provide guaranteed pension income, and plans for retirement include income planning, Social Security strategies, asset growth protection and tax analysis.

[Vimvest Advisors'] philosophy is based on 50 years of research by three Nobel laureate economists–Eugene Fama, KennethFrench and Merton Miller–who have helped shape modern portfolio theory.

VimvestAdvisors has a buy and hold approach to investing, and its philosophy is based on 50 years of research by three Nobel laureate economists–Eugene Fama, KennethFrench and Merton Miller–who have helped shape modern portfolio theory. “Our investment services are extremely low-cost through utilizing structured exchange traded funds that are globally diversified across 45 free countries and automatically rebalanced,” said Phillip Dickson, VP/Advisor, who is a licensed Registered Representative. “We also create tax efficiencies inside our portfolios by properly managing gains and losses at the end of the year,” he added.

Because relationship building is so important, Vimvest Advisors works in a fiduciary capacity and is strongly focused on communication and education. “People tell us they’ve never had a team so attentive, and that others do not offer the sort of transparent education we do,” Stuart Dickson said. “We sit on the same side as our clients.”

In order to help clients understand the complexities of financial management, the company offers two monthly workshops each month, designed to provide helpful information about wealth building and retirement planning, including portfolio management, diversification, asset allocation, fee structures and more. “We are trying to create a client experience that is built around very strong communication because new clients often tell us they previously were not being contacted frequently enough,” Hixon said. “We promote education because we value transparency and want our clients to understand what we are recommending for them and why. When people become a part of our group, we take them in like family.”

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