How To Travel Cheap (But With A Full-Heart)

Turn your wanderlust into a real plan. See how you can make your dream trip happen.
There is a common interest among millennials. And that is travel.

And with social media, it’s easier than ever to see your friends, and a lot of strangers, enjoying trips domestic and abroad. 

If you are in the millennial age bracket (20s-30s) and feel like there’s an expectation to have a glamorous lifestyle, filled with vacations traversing the planet, this may just show how much you value new experiences and exploring new ground. And travel doesn’t have to be limited to influencers.

There are ways you can travel, too. It might just look a little different.

1. Have a travel fund.
Set aside money specifically for trips you want to take. By saving $100-$150 a month and sacrificing funds in other areas, you can potentially take three to four trips in a single year.

2. Think outside the "hotel" box.
Many book through Airbnb or stay with a friend who lives in that location and can show them around. If you’re traveling far, look into staying with a host family or even a hostel.

3. Travel in groups.
The more friends added to a travel group, the better nightly rate and sometimes the more luxurious the accommodations.

4. Get notified about cheap flights.
Most airlines offer notifications on upcoming cheap flights. So when signed up to get notified, you’ll know when a flight to England drops to $500 before others.

5. Pack light.
The cost to check baggage can add up when charged $25 or $50 each way. So learn tips via Pinterest and YouTube on how to travel with less. Minimalism may be best.

6. Head outdoors.
Planning to go where most recreation will be outdoors (like the mountains or the beach) can greatly reduce costs. And you’ll have the opportunity to see new landscapes and terrain. (Plus, aren’t most cities fairly similar, at least in the US?)

7. Plan ahead.
Always seeking the next adventure, stay up-to-date on concerts, festivals and events and get you plans lined up at least a month or two in advance. Planning makes all the difference and keeps you motivated to save up.

8. Travel on weekends.
So as not to take too much time away from work, try to travel over a long weekend, like Thursday through Sunday. Not every trip has to be for a week or two at a time.

9. Don’t be a tourist.
Many prefer to experience the life of a local. Sure, you may visit the Eiffel Tower, but your focus could be more on immersing yourself in the culture of your destination through its unique attributes. And this often means less expensive outings because you’re not caught in a ‘tourism money-maker.’

10. You don’t always have to go far.
Travel doesn't always require a plane flight or long drive. It can also just be some time spent in a new place right around the corner. Think about a day trip or finding new local places in Google Maps. Or see what you can discover on a long walk.

Whatever your final destination may be, you can start saving for that trip now in the Vimvest app.