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How To Handle Financial Stress
The mind has a tendency to anticipate the worst possible scenario. It searches for potential danger or negative outcomes to avoid. It does this because it wants you to stay alive. It knows you need food, shelter, connection, and protection. So it scans your life continuously for threats to those important elements.  .... continue reading
How To Make A Financial Plan For The Next 10 Years
Ten years may seem like a long time; however, if you’ve noticed how fast the 2010s went by, then you’d know that 10 year goals aren't too far off at all..... continue reading
How To Travel Cheap (But With A Full-Heart)
Turn your wanderlust into a real plan. See how you can make your dream trip happen..... continue reading
4 Questions For More Mindful Spending Habits
We've all been there. We pass a store window, scroll through Instagram, see an ad, and we feel like life would be better with that thing. And now with the buying power of our thumb and index finger, we can find that item on our phones and have it delivered to our door by the next day. Simple and easy. We want it, we got it..... continue reading
Let’s Get Real: The Cost Of Owning A Dog
When considering whether or not to adopt a dog into your home and heart, it is important to weigh the potential financial implications. Although the rewards of owning a dog can be exponentially good for your mental and emotional well-being, if not properly planned and saved for, it can be an unexpected hit to your bank account within the first few months of bringing your furry addition home. .... continue reading
How Do You Balance An Investment Portfolio?
Deciding the optimum percentage allocation of stocks and bonds is the single most important decision an investor can make for a portfolio. Finding the right balance for your portfolio depends on how much risk you can withstand.... continue reading
Travel The World: The How-To Beginner’s Guide
Have you always wanted to get away, but never took the necessary steps to make it happen? If so, we’ve answered some initial questions most people ask before they start traveling.... continue reading