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Are you able to beat the big firms at their own game?

These special educational events, featuring industry veterans Stephen McLeod and Don Holt, will show you new and innovative ways to leverage financial technology to differentiate yourself from the crowd and accelerate the growth of your business in the digital age.

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Meet the Speakers

Gain an advantage by learning from speakers who know how the big firms work.

Stephen McLeod of Vimvest for Advisors
Stephen McLeod
National Sales Director
Don Holt of Vimvest for Advisors
Don Holt
Regional Sales Director
Solidify you Business

See how fintech can help you stand apart in a crowded space.

Financial technology is evolving at a blazing pace, and large-scale generational transfers of wealth have already begun. Learn how to stand out and provide long-term stability for your business.
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Vimvest for Advisors CRM and client app.

Learn ways fintech can simplify day-to-day workflows.

The day-to-day can be an expensive, complicated, and time consuming part of your business. This equals more time managing and less time selling. Using the right combination of financial technology can make all the difference.
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Discover how we can help your business in our virtual seminar.

Virtual – February 17, 2021
Virtual – February 24, 2021
Virtual – March 10, 2021
Virtual – March 24, 2021
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