Here are some common questions we get asked.

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I already use a CRM. Can I get my client information into Vimvest for Advisors?
Absolutley! Our team is skilled at analyzing your data and mapping it over to our system.
Can I link someone who is already using Vimvest?
Yes! Vimvest users can easily be linked to an advisor. From there, they will be delivered an experience from you as a Vimvest partner.
Do I have to support the Vimvest software for my clients?
We do all the support of our software. Your clients can open up a chat with our support team anytime. If their question is about the app, how it works, or an issue about a transfer, we will help! If it has to do with their goals or other aspects of their financial plan, we will direct them to you.
If Vimvest is free, why would someone want to go through a more expensive advisor?
Vimvest is your ally, not your competitor. As customer assets grow, they will outgrow our automated service. We will be capping our low-cost passive investing service at $25K. Beyond that, a customer will need to receive professional advising services at industry standard cost.
Is Vimvest for Advisors "white-labeled"?
Yes. Your Vimvest for Advisors business platform can be customized with your logo and colors.

Your clients will head over to download Vimvest from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once their account is successfully linked, your branding will be added and will show their account connected to your firm.

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