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Manage your clients and their money.

Vimvest for Advisors is an all in one advisor business platform designed to simplify operations, amplify sales, and solidify the future of your business – all while giving your clients state of the art financial technology.

Vimvest for Advisors can help your business.

Vimvest for Advisors

Upgrade your business and wow your clients.

Make your business more efficient and impress your clients at the same time.
Relationship Management
Your clients are your business. Follow their journey from lead to client, and track business opportunities and their financial goals from one place.
Portfolios that Perform
Our portfolio models, based on decades of investing science, give you the opportunity to provide scientific investing without the need to actively trade every day.
Expert Coaching
Efficiency can make or break the success of your sales and marketing campaigns. Discover and implement proven methods that bring more return on every dollar spent.
Revolutionary App
Financial technology is racing ahead. Providing Vimvest to your clients will mean staying ahead of the technology curve, prepping for the transfer of wealth, and giving you access to new revenue models.
Your Brand First

We let your brand shine through.

You've worked hard to create and build your brand. We respect that. Now you have the opportunity to make Vimvest your own. Your employees and your clients see your brand shining through right from the start!
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Portfolios that Perform

Scientific investing designed for performance.

Our team of experienced portfolio managers have crafted a set of options for every type of client. Provide your aggressive and conservative clients with a balanced, structured portfolio, based on their risk.

You coach your clients to stay the course. We will manage the portfolio.
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Educational Events

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These special educational events, featuring industry veterans Stephen McLeod and Don Holt, will show you new and innovative ways to leverage financial technology to differentiate yourself from the crowd and accelerate the growth of your business in the digital age.

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Expert Coaching

Proven methods to sharpen client conversion and retention.

The financial industry is extremely competitive, as you know. Sales and marketing techniques can make a big difference in maximizing your ROI. Learn to consistently implement proven methods to win more clients and keep them.
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Revolutionary App

Increase revenue and wallet-share for the future.

You work hard to develop relationships with your clients, and then someone else gets the rest of their financial business. With Vimvest, we are working to give you more tools to increase revenue and participate in the larger, generational wealth transfer.
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