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Add goals, set priorities, and watch each dollar get invested, saved, and given perfectly.
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Find a whole marketplace of goals.

From the major milestones of life like retirement, college, or buying a new home, to your next tech gadget or vacation, to your favorite causes, the Vimvest Marketplace lets you put your money where it matters most.

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Take a Glimpse at stories that bring goals to life.

Vimvest is more than a financial app with some cool tricks. It's a place to start discovering and participating in the stories that can shape our future for the better.

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High Security

Your data is always protected with 256-bit encryption, physical security, multi-factor authentication, and is never stored on your phone.

All Investing or Saving funds deposited into Vimvest are protected up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims of cash). If you would like to learn more about the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), please visit

So many goals.
So little cost.

Doing a lot typically means it costs a lot. That’s not the case with Vimvest.


Any number of goals
If your investing goals exceed $5k, pay only 0.25% per year.


Any number of goals
Pretty cool, right?


Cost per donation*
+0.8% ACH Transaction Fee
*If you are contributing to a 501(c) organization, there is an added 2.5% cost for tax deductible receipt tracking and fund distribution.

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